The Science of Quitting

Many people have a great deal of difficulty letting go of things.

Quitting certain triggers can help you eliminate stress, which can lead to a healthier and happier life.
If you want are struggling with quitting things, and if you want to let them go so that you can live an extremely happy life, read The Science of Quitting.

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Weeds Book 3: Regeneration

When Bel worships the weeds and injects her son with nutrients from plants, he develops the power of regeneration! Dil is obsessed with finding the secret of regeneration in order to heal his deformed body. And he will do anything to have it!

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Weeds Book 2: Piper’s Revenge

Piper returns to the Colony for revenge against his former partner, Dil, and his comrade, Bloody Mary. When Piper was caught with a plant, he ran! He remained in exile for 2 years but now he’s back. Dil’s body was deformed when Piper sprayed him with poison pesticides. Dil has gone mad and now he is intoxicated with power! But Piper has returned from exile and is determined to stop Dil in his quest to rule the Colony!

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Quit: The Last Principle of Success

Have you ever felt embarrassed by the fact that you had to walk away from a goal?

A professional football player quit during halftime. A military commander quit his troops to be with his family. People who quit are often ridiculed and shamed because we are a hyper-performance-based society where “quit” is a dirty word.

The Straw Man Fallacy

Exposing the Faulty Rhetoric of ”Is Bill Cosby Right?”

Bill Cosby is no stranger to controversy. Long before his recent sexual assault conviction, he was on the hot seat for his stance on Black responsibility. In May 2004, Bill Cosby’s Board of Education speech, dubbed the “pound cake” speech, touched a nerve; and rightfully so, because the issues facing the Black community are complex and numerous.

Guidelines for a Master

12 Steps to an Extremely Happy Life

To achieve a transcendent level of happiness, you must first learn to harness the power of your mind. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be extremely happy?

Skinflint’s Last Stand: A Short Story

He was so cheap he wouldn’t give two nickels for a dime!

Skinflint was so miserly that he would boil a neck bone to make stew and then boil it again so as not to waste the aroma. His miserly ways and unscrupulous business practices made him a very lonely man indeed; that is, until he learned a valuable lesson from the most unlikely of characters, a red squirrel.

The Moral Life of Baby: A Short Story

What would the world be like if humans lived forever?

When it was time to be born, Baby refused; arguing that they were being born just to die, and that it makes no sense to come and to go. His twin argued that it is better to be born and die than to not be born at all. But what if humans had the best of both worlds; to be born and to live forever?

The Love Story of Mumal and Mahendra: A Short Story

How far would you go for a delusional lover?

Mumal might be delusional. She is in love with Mahendra, but their love is doomed because she believes they are the reincarnation of two star-crossed lovers whose lives ended in tragedy. Will they find happiness together, or will they meet the same destiny as the ill-fated lovers?

Weeds Book 1: Piper’s Run

What would the future be if plants evolved above man?

Imagine a future where plant life, instead of animal life, evolved to dominate the Earth. Plants are illegal. Piper is a Pruner. His job is to destroy the plants and the people that harbor them. But what happens when he, himself, is caught with a plant, the colony’s most deadly threat?

Badaxx: A Short Story

She was hell on wheels with an ax!

They call her Badaxx because she’s hell on wheels with an ax! But what happens when she loses her nerves? Fear is a mutha’, can you dig it?