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“Exceptional read. This is one of the best books that I have read on taking control of and improving your life.”

~ Happy Reader
Dr. Stanley G. Robertson Portrait

Dr. Stanley G. Robertson

Dr. Stanley G. grew up in a project building on the south side of Chicago where he spent many days playing chess, pitching pennies and dodging street gangs. His original career goal was to become a graphic artist but he pleaded temporary insanity and joined the Marine Corps instead.

Badaxx book cover


Badaxx is a collection of short stories that will leave you with a lasting impression, moving you for days and weeks after you have completed them. The 12 stories in the collection are characterized by elegant prose that takes familiar themes and elevate them to brilliant and entertaining flights of imagination.

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Dr. Stanley G’s 3-Minute Review

Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes

By Jacques Ellul

Jacques Ellul’s work is alarming. The book stands for the notion that propaganda is an attempt to influence emotions and attitudes for ideological or political purposes. This influence is propagated through the control of one-sided […]