Weeds Book 3: Regeneration

When Bel worships the weeds and injects her son with nutrients from plants, he develops the power of regeneration! Dil is obsessed with finding the secret of regeneration in order to heal his deformed body. And he will do anything to have it!

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Weeds Book 2: Piper’s Revenge

Piper returns to the Colony for revenge against his former partner, Dil, and his comrade, Bloody Mary. When Piper was caught with a plant, he ran! He remained in exile for 2 years but now he’s back. Dil’s body was deformed when Piper sprayed him with poison pesticides. Dil has gone mad and now he is intoxicated with power! But Piper has returned from exile and is determined to stop Dil in his quest to rule the Colony!

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Weeds Book 1: Piper’s Run

What would the future be if plants evolved above man?

Imagine a future where plant life, instead of animal life, evolved to dominate the Earth. Plants are illegal. Piper is a Pruner. His job is to destroy the plants and the people that harbor them. But what happens when he, himself, is caught with a plant, the colony’s most deadly threat?